1. …To me, flowers symbolize fertility.

    This moment is all about evolving and transforming emotions into something that is visually healing. Remember, every transformation takes a beautiful amount of patience.   

  2. A Love Stone

    Rhodonite is known as a “Love Stone”. This pink and brown stone brings healing energy and releases blocked energy from the heart chakra. This stone may help you get rid fears, anxieties, and anything else that may prevent you from taking a positive action. If you are having relationship problems, rhodonite  has a healing vibration that may help.

    (Source: carbonmoments.storenvy.com)

  4. "Outkast". 16x16. Charcoal and Acrylic

    (Source: carbonmoments.storenvy.com)

  5. A little sneak peak. Andre 3000 “Outkast” in progress

  6. "Goddess of the Sea"

    This set was inspired by the essence of Mermaids and Sea Goddesses. I used gold glass beads, gold geometric accent beads, and turquoise tear drop beads. Visit my shop for full details. I am also having a spring sale. Use discount code, “Spring2014” for 22% off. This applies to all of my artwork, adornment included!

    (Source: carbonmoments.storenvy.com)


  8. yonidiaries:

    I can’t say that it’s unfortunate that people come and go. There’s a purpose in living. I’m learning to make the best of my experiences with people. Whether they are good or less fulfilling, I know how to progress from the lessons they bring. I was built for obstacles. Always ready….
  9. "Afro Chick". Hand painted and carved wood earrings.  1" x 2"

    (Source: carbonmoments.storenvy.com)

  10. Tribal Spring Bloom

    (Source: carbonmoments.storenvy.com)