1. "Outkast". 16x16. Charcoal and Acrylic

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  2. A little sneak peak. Andre 3000 “Outkast” in progress

  3. "Goddess of the Sea"

    This set was inspired by the essence of Mermaids and Sea Goddesses. I used gold glass beads, gold geometric accent beads, and turquoise tear drop beads. Visit my shop for full details. I am also having a spring sale. Use discount code, “Spring2014” for 22% off. This applies to all of my artwork, adornment included!

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  5. yonidiaries:

    I can’t say that it’s unfortunate that people come and go. There’s a purpose in living. I’m learning to make the best of my experiences with people. Whether they are good or less fulfilling, I know how to progress from the lessons they bring. I was built for obstacles. Always ready….
  6. "Afro Chick". Hand painted and carved wood earrings.  1" x 2"

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  7. Tribal Spring Bloom

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  8. "Love Slave"



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  9. This beautiful, Goddess inspired necklace is made with copper, orange calcite and glass beads. Consider it charming, because it has a few different healing capabilities. Copper is a metal that that has been used for ages to make jewelry. The first culture that comes to mind is the ancient Egyptian. Egyptians made some of the most intricate pieces of adornment with copper. This fact is quite inspiring for me when it comes to creating body adornment.

    Copper is a natural conductor of electricity. Many healers use copper to conduct life energy into their patients. Copper is often used to wire precious stones to amplify the energy the stones already have. As a healing metal, copper is believed to ground us, and put our thoughts, emotions energies at ease.

    Orange Calcite
    It is believed the orange calcite will brighten your mood, which is why this stone is known to relieve symptoms of depression. It also guards against poverty. Orange is the color that represents the sacral chakra. (This chakra is at the navel and a couple of fingers below). The sacral chakra governs your how you feel about yourself, your level of self respect and self love, how you respond to sex and pleasure, and creativity. Physically, the sacral chakra reigns over the reproductive organs and lower back. Using orange calcite will help you ease depression and stress, suppressed emotions, and jealousy. Using orange calcite will result in you feeling happily connected to the earth, open about your feeling passions and desires, having the ability to trust those around you and most importantly yourself, and a balanced state of creativity and vitality.


    (Source: carbonmoments.storenvy.com)

  10. "Lavender" A self portrait

    Mixed Media


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